GPE Nepal Project 2017│Daldale Project Update

GPE Nepal Project│Daldale Project

Meena Barakam, GPE volunteer from Birmingham-Southern College, has started working on a different project in Ashako Kiran Kindergarten in Daldale, Nepal. Report from Daldale Project: 

GPE Project Nepal has hit the ground running here in Daldale since last Thursday. We have continued the project that six other volunteers from France started three weeks ago. The goal is to create educational art on the walls of the primary school in the nursery room, LKG room, and UKG room. The volunteers from France have already made beautiful paintings of the alphabet accompanied by a picture for each letter, fruits, vegetables, numbers, and some jungle animals as well. It is such a pleasure to see the children come and try to learn from the paintings! In addition, they have repainted the walls in blue and white and washed the paint off of the doors and window frames and applied new paint in vibrant colors. We have begun to draw and paint the seasons in the LKG room as well as the parts of the body and the Nepali alphabets in the nursery room. Accommodating the requests of the teacher of the school, we will start to draw and then paint different types of animals and insects in the LKG room as well as the multiplication tables in the UKG room. We hope to get the older students involved in the painting process and the teachers have also agreed to help to get the job done in good time! We are very excited to see the finished product, and we hope the paintings will help the children to learn for many many years to come!GPE Nepal Project│Daldale Project

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