Chitwan National Park│GPE Nepal 2017

With our project winding down, we took some time to enjoy some of the amazing adventures offered in and around Meghauli. These activities include an elephant safari, an elephant bath, and a trip to see the sunset over the river by the Chitwan National Park. Needless to say, we have all been immensely impacted by our time in Meghauli and by the people we met there. We would like to thank GPE, all the people of Meghauli, Clinic Nepal, and especially the Bhandary family for allowing us to partake in such an amazing experience. GPE Nepal Team 201720507432_1631399230235083_6847978780767474570_o20449008_1631400223568317_25956630127976700_o (1)20506993_1631396673568672_4706436796752472191_o20507422_1631397626901910_3191948203245174850_o20424197_1631399706901702_4619905609056591082_o20414108_1631397336901939_2032408219739987271_o20507387_1631399990235007_1749587557336418321_o20507493_1631398156901857_7014977552670035260_o20414203_1631400216901651_9048853235104533777_o20414284_1631398350235171_9181295567178654382_o20424011_1631399160235090_4107063118441294071_o

“Dhanyabhad and Fheri Vetaula!” 
Nepali Translation: (Thank You and May Our Paths Cross Again In the Future)

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