Final Report from Meena Barakam│GPE Daldale Project 2017

Written by Meena Barakam

“I cannot believe my time in Nepal is coming to an end. My paintings in the LKG room of the Asha Ko Kiran Kindergarten in Daldale are nearly complete although the jungle scene needs a few finishing touches. I was able to start painting the domestic animals but two animals that the teacher requested are still remaining. But, I plan to return next year and continue painting the school as they are building more rooms that will also be a part of the school. Here are some pictures of my finished paintings. I’m currently in Kathmandu, and I already miss the people in Daldale so much! They treated me like family and I feel like they are my family too! I will definitely be back, but until then it’s see you later Nepal!”

“Dhanyabhad and Fheri Vetaula!” 
Nepali Translation: (Thank You and May Our Paths Cross Again In the Future)

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