End of 2017 Nepal Project│Global Peace Exchange

Nepal Project 2017

Nepal Development Project 2017│Global Peace Exchange

Global Peace Exchange’s Nepal Development Project 2017 officially came to an end this week. Thanks to our Project Director, Jen Concepcion for leading this year’s team and successfully completing the project. We couldn’t have done this without our dedicated and hard-working GPE volunteers. We would also like to express our sincere THANKS and appreciation to Clinic Nepal, Inc. for partnering with us for the past six years, and providing opportunities for GPE volunteers to participate in the various sustainable projects. When we started this Nepal Project back in 2012, the hope was that students achieve a shared understanding of the common human struggle to survive, and a more complete understanding of the challenges of living in developing countries. We also believe that the only way one can learn to appreciate different cultures is to experience them. And through various GPE Projects, we were able to achieve just that. We really enjoyed working closely with the local people of Meghauli and Daldale, and we look forward to returning back next year to continue the Project for a seventh year. Now that the local people are more familiar about Global Peace Exchange and the work we do, they are both more receptive and supportive of our effort. We have built stronger relationships with the local community, and the mutual trust is stronger than ever. Thank you Florida State University, Birmingham-Southern College, Birmingham-Southern College Student Government Association, GPE Advisory Board Members, GPE-BSC Advisors, Our Supporters, and Nepal Project Advisors for your continuous support. We are very lucky and extremely blessed to have received help and support from so many wonderful people. We have accomplished so much in just six short years, and we are beyond excited to keep continuing this project in the future.

Global Peace Exchange Nepal Project Team 2017: Jen Concepcion Andrew McMahon Sophia Lisandra Alfaro Meena Barakam Chelsea Gow, Bryan Acuna. Special Thanks to General Chuck Krulak for helping me start Birmingham Southern GPE chapter and being our biggest supporter from the DAY ONE.

Posted By:
Saurav Bhandary, Global Peace Exchange Advisor (2016-Present)
Co-Founder and President, GPE chapter at Birmingham-Southern College (2013-2016)
Co-Founder of GPE Nepal Development Project (2012-Present)

Nepal Project 2K13

Friendship Scout Troop │GPE Nepal Project ’13

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