Thumka Housing Project Completion Report│Clinic Nepal, Inc.

Thumka Housing Project Completion Video Report│Clinic Nepal, Inc.

Following the devastating earthquakes of 2015, Clinic Nepal led this project to rebuild the village of Thumka, Gorkha District. The construction of 31 houses and 1 community building was completed in 18 months. In May, 2 years after the earthquakes, Clinic Nepal hosted the ceremony to celebrate the completion of this project, and bring together the different groups that have worked hard to make this happen. The result has provided a much higher standard of living for the 280 people of Thumka Village. We are pleased to report that Clinic Nepal’s initial goal, to help mitigate the devastating consequences of the 2015 earthquakes, has been met and exceeded. The pride of the villagers and the desire to improve their lives is a direct result of the time and money invested in them. This is a reflection on how this project started and what it has meant for the Chepang people of Thumka. Thumka Awas Nirman Aayojana, Bhumlichowk-8, Thumka.

Special thanks to the many volunteers, supporters and donors who gave to this successful project. We couldn’t have done it without you!


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