Nepal Contacts

  • Hari Bhandary 
    • Founder and Chairman of Clinic Nepal 
    • E-mail:
    • Grew up in Meghauli, quit medical school to pursue dream of Clinic Nepal, facilitated donations from and established Clinic Nepal as an NGO in UK, Spain, Gibraltar, Germany, US. Travels during the summer to meet with sponsors.
  • Srijana Basnet 
    • E-mail:
    • She takes care of a lot of logistical details (if you want to organize transportation, meetings with other contacts in Nepal, recreational activities, etc. she will help you). If you have any specific food needs/allergies, let her know. She always makes sure we have boiled water and meals.
    • Once you know what supplies you need to purchase for the project, she will take you to the bazaar and bargain down the wholesale prices.
  • Singh Kuwar: Director of Friendship Clinic in Meghauli
  • Bagbati Sapkota and Vishnu Sapkota: Directors of Asha Ko kiran Hostel
    • Bagbati only speaks a little English, but is queen of Montessori style education.
  • Suman Paudel 
    • Nepal Project Advisor 2012 – Present
    • E-mail:
    • If you want to know specific needs of the kindergartens, clinic, scouts, and hostel, Suman will help you gather that information.
  • Sunil Paudel  
    • Nepal Project Advisor 2012 – Present
    • E-mail:
    • Recently started a non-profit organization in Nepal ‘House of Hope‘ 
    • Founder and Chairman│House of Hope 

International Contacts

  • Ruben Pitsch, returning volunteer from Germany
    • Has medical degree, has volunteered in Nepal several times and conducted medical internship in Bharatpur, Chitwan
    • Facebook: Ruben Pitsch’s facebook page
  • Jordi Aymerich, returning friend from Spain

Local Contacts

  • Saurav Bhandary   
    • E-mail: 
    • Graduated from Atlanta International School in Atlanta with an International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma and studied Economics at Birmingham-Southern College in Birmingham, Alabama. 
    • Co-Founded GPE chapter at Birmingham-Southern College, and served as the Chapter President from 2013-2016.
    • Helped start Nepal Development Project officially in 2013.
    • Nepal Project Director 2013 and 2014.
    • Global Peace Exchange Senior Advisor 2016-Present.
  • Wesley Chambers
    • GPE-Birmingham-Southern College Chapter Vice President 2013-16.
    • Co-Founded GPE chapter at Birmingham-Southern College.
    • Nepal Project Co-Director 2014, and GPE Advisor 2016-Present.
    • E-mail:
  • Dr. James Wren   
    • E-mail:
    • Birmingham-Southern College Alumni Class of 1981
    • GPE Mentor & Advisor 2013- Present
  • Nepalese Student Association at FSU
    • Facebook: NSA FACEBOOK PAGE
    • Conducted mixer with NSA students prior to departure, hopefully doing a post-trip mixer and also a Nepalese campus event in the Globe in October 2013.
  • Charles A. Smith III: Director of Operations at Boys and Girls Club of the Big Bend
    • Phone: 850.656.8100 ext. 308
    • E-mail:
    • Website:
    • Can organize activities, games, penpal letter writing, craft, art, education events for volunteers to participate in, practice for working with kids in Nepal on similar activities
  • John Mayo: Dean of the College of Communication and the current director of William A. Kerr’s Intercultural Education and Dialogue Initiative:
    • E-mail:
  • Dr. King-Beach
    • Worked in Nepal through Peace Corps, speaks fluent Nepalese, used to work at Learning Systems Institute at FSU.

Community Partnerships and Agencies│ATTN: Birmingham-Southern College Students

Community Partnerships and Agencies

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