Executive Board

GPE Board of Directors (2016-2017)

Ms. Abigail Brunner (Vice President)
Ms. Mary Evelyn Carroll
Ms. Cheyenne Trujillo
Mr. Conner Hayes
Mr. Erik Hancock 

GPE Advisors (2016-2017)

Mrs. Kristin Harper
Mrs. Anne Ledvina 
Mr. Saurav Bhandary
Mr. Wesley Chambers

GPE Nepal Project Advisors (2016-2017)

Mr. Singh Kuwar
Mr. Sunil Paudel
Mr. Suman Paudel


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 GPE Board of Directors (2015-2016)

Saurav Bhandary, President and Co-Founder
Wesley Chambers, Vice President and Co-Founder
Katie DeLoach
Garrett Whitworth
John Pierce McKay
Cody Rule

Jeb Blackwood

GPE Chapter at BSC 2013-2015 Officers

Saurav Bhandary, President and Co-Founder   
Wesley Chambers, Vice President and Co-Founder   https://twitter.com/Wes_Chambers
Abhishek Purohit, Treasury
Katie DeLoach, Secretary
Ansley Tomlin, Recruitment Chair and Event Coordinator
Abdalaziz Kahil, Technical Coordinator
Jeb Blackwood, Public Relations
Kristin Harper, GPE Advisor
Anne Ledvina, GPE Advisor
Singh Kuwar, GPE Nepal Advisor
Sunil Paudel, GPE Nepal Advisor
Suman Paudel, GPE Nepal Advisor


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